This year is almost over! It has been a great one. With the holidays around the corner, we decided to make a bundle to help you out with your shopping. For $80, you can get twenty-three 7″ singles! Chances are you have not heard all of this, but trust me, there are some hidden gems that have slipped through the cracks. The Bitters! Ganglians! Teenage Panzercorp!

Here you have an assortment of old school CT 7″s, as well as more recent singles from Wild Nothing, Beach Fossils, DIIV, The Soft Moon and Mac DeMarco. Whether you are looking to expand the breath of your 7″ collection or knock out presents for friends, this is a great deal.

SHOP HERE: http://capturedtracks.com/catalog/by_artist/autumn-7-sale/

  • CT-16 The Beets-Don’t Fit In My Head
  • CT-25 The Bitters- East
  • CT-026 Ganglians – Blood on the Sand
  • CT-37 Digan Porch- On a Ride
  • CT-38 Hanoi Janes- Across the Sea
  • CT-39 Wet Dog- Lower Leg
  • CT-55 Cosmetics- Sleepwalking
  • CT-61 Soft Healer- Gentle One
  • CT70 HANOI JANES- Specks Ho!
  • CT-75 AIAS- Canvis
  • CT81 Craft Spels- Party Talk
  • CT-88 Catwalk- Please Don’t Break Me
  • CT-96 Tim Cohen- Magic Trick
  • CT-112 Hoop Dreams- XCPR
  • CT-121 Minks- Araby
  • CT-133 Heavenly Beat- Presence
  • CT-135 Jessie Ruins- A Bookshelf Sinks Into The Sand
  • CT-139 Beach Fossils- Shallow
  • CT-141 Mac Demarco- Only You
  • CT154 DIIV- Geist
  • CT-156 The Soft Moon/ John Foxx and The Maths- Evidence
  • CT-157 Wild Nothing- Shadow