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Today marks the official release date for the new Widowspeak record ‘Almanac.’ Stream the record below. When I spoke to Molly Hamilton last month about the record / impending apocalypse, I asked “What would you like to say to someone right before listening to your new album?” She responded, “I would suggest they get comfortable and maybe offer them a drink?” Just a suggestion. Enjoy.

“Molly Hamilton’s shimmering voice lends Widowspeak’s lyrics a timeless, almost magical feel. Layered atop her cryptic words and eerie turns of phrase, the band’s traditional instrumentation would verge on folky if it weren’t so raw. The result is songs you’re sure you’ve heard somewhere before, but know you haven’t.” / Vogue

“Widowspeak is a fount of familiar sounds, from early-’90s shoegazer rock to twangily portentousWestern soundtracks to the languidly soft pop of Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval. But the Brooklyn-based duo of Molly Hamilton and Robert Earl Thomas fuses them all into a hazy swirl and gives them a kick of buzzy energy — and, in the process, gives the music a dreamy pop sound of its own.
The pair’s second album — Almanac, out Jan. 22 — takes the spare, droning simplicity of Widowspeak’s self-titled debut and fleshes it out, thickening it with added layers of guitars and organs. But Almanac isn’t just a bundle of blearily impeccable atmospherics; the closer you listen, the more it snaps into a focus as a richly textured portrait of aching melancholy and momentous change.” / NPR

“The crackling of a fire that begins opener “Perennials” burns off the home-recording dust that has been trailing them since their debut October Tape EP, clarifying the song’s ringing guitar line and sharpening the indefinable edges of Hamilton’s croon. You can practically hear the snap of the sheets as Widowspeak unveil their new sound, expanding upon the hazy, “Gun Shy”-slinging pop Americana that encouraged them to move from the Pacific Northwest to New York in the first place.” / Pitchfork

“I always liked Widowspeak and thought they were going places, but I didn’t think they were capable of what they did on this album—a BIG record. Every song is a hit and has made me cry at least twice. If you’ve heard Widowspeak, this will come as no surprise, except it’s fuller and lusher and doesn’t sound like it was recorded on some college student’s computer. Although this record doesn’t much sound like Fleetwood Mac, the cover photo will almost definitely remind you of Rumours, and Molly Hamilton sort of looks like Stevie Nicks. I think a lot of lazy music journalists will say that they sound like Fleetwood Mac. And they do a little but not a lot.” / VICE