Bat’s Re-issues For Pre-Order Now! Listen To Never Heard Outtakes

BATS volume1 FAKEOUT-bundle

The Bats are a very special band. It’s telling that their line up has remained the same since New Years eve 1982 when they formed in Christchurch, New Zealand. A lot’s happened for them since then eight studio albums, multiple tours around the globe, kids, marriages and all the rest of it. The Bats however, have remained the same. Honest, damned good pop songs consistently for longer than I’ve been alive.

So, lets start at the beginning shall we…

Available for pre-order a collection of The Bat’s early recordings ‘Compiletely Bats’ (pun intended) as well their first two studio albums ‘Daddy’s Highway’ and ‘The Law Of Things’ . Paul and Bob even found some outtakes and demo tapes, have a listen below.  Order the set and get a limited edition Bats tote to carry the shopping.


The Bats ‘Vol 1′ 3CD
LP Bundle w/ Tote
Daddy’s Highway 1LP
Compiletely Bats 2xLP
The Law Of Things 2xLP