// 2.19.13

There were hints of an upcoming release on this day with a video leaked on our site last week. This was a first glimpse at the new Beach Fossils album ‘Clash the Truth.’

Download the first single “Careless” below:

I asked Dustin a few questions about the new album… enjoy.

What are five words would describe your album?

Urgent, restless, confused, candid, pleased

What were you listening to the most while recording ‘Clash the Truth’?

Mainly I was listening to 80’s punk like Flux of Pink Indians, No Trend, Iron Cross
and jazz music like Lester Young, Teddy Wilson. It seemed to be the only music
with energy that was parallel with the vigorous anxiety I was feeling internally,
and still is. I made sure to steer clear of contemporary music so the influence
wouldn’t seep into my subconscious.

The new album art is striking. What drew you to artist Peter Campus?

I love what Peter stands for; how he set out to push experimentation to the
limits with a spirit of rebellion and non-self. He also takes a lot of influence
from Eastern philosophy which I immediately connected with, we had a brief
conversation about Taosim via email which was nice.

What was it like recording in a studio for the first time?

Stepping into the studio for the first time totally floored me. Surrounded by all that
gear made me feel dizzy, I was instantly drowned in the possibilities, there were
no limits. We used a different set-up for every single piece of the album, there
was no way to fall into the trap of comfort. Once we finished something we broke
everything down and put it back together to begin fresh with a new song.

What drew you to work with producer Ben Greenberg?

I didn’t want to go into a studio to make a slick, polished album, I wanted to work
with somebody who understood where I was coming from. Ben has recorded
tons of punk and experimental records, so we were on the same page from the
very beginning.

There have been a few line-up changes. Who is playing is in the live band

Tommy Gardner is on drums, Jack Doyle Smith [formerly of Craft Spells] on bass
and Tommy Davidson [formerly of Hoop Dreams] on guitar.

What are your plans for 2013?


Where are you most looking forward to touring next year?


What would you like to say to someone right before they listen to ‘Clash the Truth’?