Early 2013, Captured Tracks will be reissuing the first three full lengths from seminal Lincoln, Nebraska post-punk trio, For Against.
Originally released by Independent Project between 1984-1990, these releases will see their first vinyl appearance in over 20 years in a deluxe
edition limited boxed set. Remastered by Words on Music (by Marc Ostermeier of Should), the set will feature a bonus booklet and ephemera from
the bands early career. For Against was an anomaly within the midwestern post-punk climate, offering melodic and dreamy hook-laden songs in
stark contrast to the post-hardcore sounds of the time. With this release, their firmament and place within today’s current crop of guitar-based indie
bands should be made secure.

For Against Boxed Set
Echelons (1987)

1. Shine
2. Daylight
3. Get on With It
4. Echelons
5. It’s a Lie
6. Autocrat
7. Forget Who You Are
8. Loud and Clear
9. Broke My Back

December (1988)
1. Sabres
2. Stranded in Greenland
3. Svengali
4. They Said
5. The Effect
6. December
7. The Last Laugh
8. Paperwhites
9. Clandestine High Holy

In The Marshes (1990)
1. Tibet
2. Amnesia
3. The Purgatory Salesman
4. Amen Yves
5. Fate
6. In The Marshes
7. Amnesia (studio version)
8. Amen Yves (original version)