Get ready…We went all out on these new special editions.
The cost of manufacturing was very high, but don’t fret, if you purely want
the music on black vinyl or CD, we have the less expensive regular editions ready at the same time.

For Mac: Shipments go out on 10/10.
For Soft Moon: Shipments go out on 10/22.

If you want both and don’t want your order held for Soft Moon, please order separately.
Orders for both will be held until Soft Moon is ready for shipping.

Mac DeMarco “2”
Ltd. 500 Blue Vinyl.
Exclusive wrap-around 2-color silkscreen sleeve.
Two posters.
“Mac” Heart Temporary Tattoo.
Digital Download.
Ships 10/10/12.


Full tracklisting:

  • Cooking Up Something Good
  • Dreaming
  • Freaking Out The Neighborhood
  • Annie
  • Ode to Viceroy
  • Robson Girl
  • The Stars Keep On Calling My Name
  • My Kind Of Woman
  • Sherrill
  • Still Together

Mac’s debut LP features a lush bouquet of your favorite new songs. “My Kind of Woman” is a croon for love that is rare.

While 2010′s The Soft Moon LP was recorded entirely in solitude in an utter absence of expectation, these ten songs were written and recorded between days on the road. Out there the Soft Moon sound had expanded into a full-band attack accompanied by immersive video visuals. Vasquez needed the new work to be just as primal and enveloping, and so set to paring down his post-apocalyptic soundscapes. What was began as barely controlled exorcism became an exercise in control, and after six months of intently shaping Zeros on his own, Vasquez met with producer/engineer Monte Vallier at his San Francisco studio where he could get loud, beat on things, scream.
Full tracklisting:

  • It Ends
  • Machines
  • Zeros
  • Insides
  • Remembering the Future
  • Crush
  • Die Life
  • Lost Years
  • Want
  • ƨbnƎ tI

Soft Moon “Zeros”
Ltd. 500 White Vinyl.
Exclusive Three-Dimensional Die-Cut Industrial Plastic Cover.
Two Posters.
Digital Download.
Ships 10/22/12.

$25.00 (more shipping because of weight of sleeve)