We have been busy collecting some exclusive mixes for our new blog. The first is this mix from Brad Laner of Medicine. If you didn’t already know, Medicine will be part of the new Shoegaze Archives series we recently launched.

Brad had a choice quote about this brutal mix of heavy psych, “Right on, I’m so relieved that you appreciate it. It felt like a bit of a risk! “16 minutes of Acid Nightmares”, yeah that about sums it.”. Well, we love it!! So scroll on down and check out the SoundCloud player below and download away…

(and hey… on a side note… if you didn’t notice, that’s a young Brad Laner in the photo above lurking out alongside a totally ZZ Top’d out Rick Rubin and THEE REVEREND AL SHARPTON!)


Francisco – Cosmic Beam Experience / Hey Mister Sun
Tangerine Dream – Ultima Thule
The Cramps – Sunglasses After Dark
Savage Republic – Procession
Aphex Twin – Perc #6
The Larks – It’s Unbelievable
Robert Wyatt (with Brian Eno and David Gilmour) – Forest
Louis – Romance For You
Silberbart – Brain Brain
An Autumn For Crippled Children – Cold Spring
GentleWhispering – Mirror/Hand

You can also read some recent things Pitchfork said about Medicine and the Archives here.

Mix #1: Brad Laner of Medicine by Captured Tracks FB

and …. Check out what Brad found, a 120 Minutes Interview & Never Click video
from 1993. We agree Brad. “Pop is good.”

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