“Unlike Zasquez’s debut, Zeros was recorded while touring, and, according to the text accompanying the album’s release, was intended to be “just as primal and enveloping”, so he “so set to paring down his post-apocalyptic soundscapes …. What was began as barely controlled exorcism became an exercise in control.” It’s just as feral and immersive a listen as its predecessor.” -The Quietus

“As with his self-titled 2010 debut, Zeros sees Vasquez blending steroid-enhanced krautrock, darkwave and goth with serious flair and panache. In contrast to that record, however, Zeros sounds crisper and harsher – given some polish by producer Monte Vallier, it’s an album that favours ear-splitting intensity over subtlety.” -FACT

“Where the 2010 self-titled debut found band brainchild Luis Vasquez recording his eerie, revivalist post-punk missives in solitude, Zeros was conceptualized between days on the road, expanding its universe with a full band, plus producer/engineer Monte Vallier. Brimming with nocturnal atmosphere, sinister synths and Motorik rhythms, Zeros continues to deliver on the dark promise of Soft Moon’s earlier work, and the mood is just right as Halloween approaches.” -All Music

“Luis Vasquez hit a real dinger with the release of his debut album as The Soft Moon, an icy and endlessly intriguing pull into the aural taxonomy of Goth and club industrial music, as far as those genres are recognized. Any point of the record could have been an outtake from some imaginary Siouxsie & The Banshees recording session in the 1980s, such was the specific nature of the music. You could tell it was made by someone who loves the music enough to allow his reverence for the form drive the undefinable qualities that bestow his work with all the phaser-driven intrigue and gloomy theatrics it’s known for.” -Dusted