Praise for Chris Cohen’s debut record, out today.

“Chris Cohen has played with a series of high-profile indie acts, including Haunted Graffiti, Cass McCombs, and Deerhoof, and Overgrown Path, his first solo album, has the unified feel of a stash of songs that he’s been sitting on for years. Sunlit, pastoral, and serenely strange, it feels like something unearthed by an enterprising reissue label like Light in the Attic, rather than a brand-new record on Captured Tracks. It’s a gentle listen– the snare drum doesn’t receive a lot of attention, and is tapped rather than struck when it does. The pace never ventures beyond mid tempo. But as a whole, it glows with easy comfort, and its wistfulness deepens with repeated listens.” // Pitchfork 7.6

“As a sideman, this multi-instrumentalist has worked with more than his share of unpredictable, idiosyncratic psych-poppers: Deerhoof, Danielson, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Cass McCombs. On his own, though, Cohen makes a gorgeously breezy sort of jangle-rock, coming off like the well-adjusted human being you’d have to be to spend time around them. His solo debut Overgrown Path is full of back-porch atmosphere and finely honed melody.” Stereogum, 40 Best New Bands Of 2012

” Overgrown Path is a perfectly conceived album, rich with both surprisingly sticky melodies and deceptively powerful psych-rock touches. The songs are so subtle they take a while to sink in, but like the best of all the artists Cohen takes cues from (as well as those he’s helped create with over the years), the album works best as a whole, and unfolds a little more with each revisitation. With songs this strong, it’s an easy album to keep coming back to.” // All Music