The Wonderful World of Mac DeMarco 7″ Club Vol. 1

Mac DeManiacs of the world, today we unveil The Wonderful World of Mac DeMarco 7″ Club Vol. 1. Every 6-8 weeks you will receive two 7″s in the mail featuring live, rehearsal or “other” recordings my Mr. DeMarco with or without “The Boys.” Pick it up here!
Each two singles will feature a portrait of Mac (the first two by Nic Greasy and C/T Founder Mike Sniper) on colored vinyl. There will also be more special components along with each batch of 7″s, a mixtape? A print? A Mac DeMarco Lighter? A Badge? Who knows! Some 7″s will be two-songer, some will be a 7″ EP of 3-4 songs.
You will not know what’s on each 7″ until it gets out into the world, same with the color of the wax and the special surprises. We can only assure you: it will be worth it.
At the culmination of the series, you get a 12″ boxed set that holds all the 7″s in a compartment along with all the other components, so you can stare at the spine in your record collection all day and laugh at those who don’t. This final box will feature a Self-Portrait by Mac himself on the front as well as the “final goodies.”
Q: Am I still a Mac DeMarco fan if I don’t buy this?
A: Yes, of course. This is for lunatics.
Q: Why is it called Vol. 1?
A: So when we do Vol. 2 it’s not confusing.
Q: Can I get this at stores?
A: No, sorry.
Q: $100 is a lot for 10 7″s, can you explain?
A: Sure, the components will more than make up for what would normally be about a $65 purchase for 10 7″s, that extra $35 on top will be WELL worth it. (Goodies).
Q: Will Mac have these at shows?
A: Yes, but not the full product, so there’s a chance he’ll have 2-3 of the 7″s with him when
you see his show but you might not get all of them…
Q: What’s with all the weird shipping options?
A: We realize it’s expensive to ship overseas. “Bulk Shipping” is for people who want to wait until all their components arrive to ship out in one big bang to save on shipping. This will be a LONG wait as there’s 5 separate ship-out dates almost a month and a half apart. That being said, you will save on shipping. This is not an option for US customers whose price is fixed. If you live in the NYC Metro Area pick the “Pick Up at Shop” option for no extra shipping fee. You will be informed of when they’re at the C/T Store for pick up.
Q: Can I order multiple memberships?
A: Yes. We encourage teaming with friends to save on shipping! Your orders will go out together.
Q: Will there be exclusive songs?
A: Likely live versions and weird versions of released songs and the occasional cover here and there, do not expect tracks written for this series as those would likely be for a separate release. This is for people who enjoy live and rehearsal recordings.
Q: Any overlap from “Demo” releases?
A: No overlap from those recordings, there might be live versions of songs from the demos, but these will strictly be exclusive. There may/may not be an LP compilation of the Vol. 1 after the series is out.